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Fastwin App Download to earn ₹10000 daily by playing color prediction games like Parity, Dice, Mine Sweeper. To Download the app click on below button and install Fastwin in your mobile phone.

FastWin Download

FastWin Apk App Download Install Register Login App Features Invite Code Free Bonus Telegram Customer Support Deposit Problem Solution Lifafa Prediction Parity Hack User Reviews Mod APK Download.

Joining Bonus -: 50 RS

Minimum Recharge :- 200 RS

Minimum Withdrawal -: 230 RS

Per Refer -: 505 RS

Every Day Lucky Lifafa Bonus – 10 RS

Fastwin App Register

Sign up on FastWin using your mobile number prior to engaging in any gaming activities. Once you’ve completed the registration, you’ll be able to acquire the FastWin App. To initiate registration within the FastWin App, simply tap the Register Button and follow the concise three-step registration process:

1. Provide your Mobile Number and tap to receive the OTP (One-Time Password).
2. Verify the OTP you’ve received on your mobile device.
3. Select a robust password and finalize the registration by clicking the Registration Button.

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Fastwin APK Download

Once you’ve effectively registered on the Fastwin App, you gain access to download the latest version of the Fastwin Android App. To acquire the app, simply log in to your account using the mobile number and password you provided during registration. The Fastwin app can be obtained through the button provided below.

For a reliable and trustworthy source to download the Fastwin App, consider visiting, a well-established and reputable website.

Download Fastwin App

App NameFastwin APK
Available OnGoogle ( Not on Play Store or App Store) 
Launched On2021
Total Downloads3 Million
Ratings4.3 Stars
Operating SystemsAndroid 5.0 and up, iOS
App CategoryGaming
Invite Code287072668
Download Size17 MB
Download LinkDownload Now
Similar AppsYoswin, Fiewin

Fastwin Login 

After successful registration you will have your Login credentials which you have to use for logging your Fastwin account. Please make sure that you are login in Fastwin Login official site that is otherwise there are other various fake sites which are active in market. Please do avoid such sites and check official website URL otherwise somebody will stole your ID and Password and he can access your account and this can be very harmful for your.

After logging, you can deposit money in your account, play games and withdraw money in your bank accounts. Fastwin login provides you chance to download the android app in your Mobile Phone so that you need not to login every time on web. This will enhance security and safety of your fastwin account.

Fastwin App Download

Get started with your money-earning gaming journey by swiftly downloading the FastWin App now. Click the provided link to download the FastWin app and receive a bonus of Rs 500. This bonus amount can be utilized to participate in games, and any winnings can be conveniently withdrawn to your bank account.

Within the Fastwin app, you’ll find a collection of 7 engaging games, each offering a blend of excitement and simplicity. You’re free to choose and play any of these games. The Fastwin gaming experience is not only enjoyable but also remarkably straightforward when it comes to achieving victory.

Fastwin App Features

In the contemporary landscape, a multitude of internet-based games, similar to the Fastwin app, abound. However, the FastWin app stands out distinctly, setting itself apart from its counterparts. Presented below are several noteworthy attributes of the Fastwin App:

1. Swift and Effortless Withdrawals: The Fastwin App offers rapid and seamless money withdrawal processes.

2. Enhanced Security: Prioritizing user safety, the app employs robust security measures.

3. Secure Money Handling: Your funds are safeguarded, ensuring a secure monetary experience.

4. Sign Up Bonus: Upon registration, users are greeted with a sign-up bonus, enhancing the initial experience.

5. Diverse Game Selection: Enjoy a variety of games within the Fastwin App, catering to different preferences.

6. Simplicity and Engagement: The app features easy-to-grasp and captivating games, ensuring an enjoyable time.

7. Referral Program: An added incentive, the refer-and-earn method lets users gain while introducing others to the platform.

Fastwin Free Bonus

The FastWin App extends a generous Sign Up Bonus to newly registered users. When you register using our link, you’re entitled to receive an exclusive Rs 100 as Free Paytm Cash Sign Up Bonus. This bonus can be employed to engage in games, and if you choose, you can even withdraw it to your account.

To access this enticing Free Bonus, simply tap the Download Button and provide your Mobile Number. Upon successfully completing the registration, the Free Bonus amount will be promptly credited to your account. Moreover, Fastwin rewards both parties when someone downloads the app through your referral link, granting a Rs 500 bonus to both the invitee and the inviter.

Fastwin Telegram

Fastwin Telegram Join now to get all the latest updates about the games, Free lifafa everyday, games downtime and upgrade process. You will get the latest notifications about the gameplay if you are joined in Fastwin official telegram group. There are various benefits of joining the group for example – customer support. If you are facing any obstacles in depositing money in Fastwin or facing issues in getting money back in  your bank accounts or Fastwin has blocked your account, then you can easily get solutions for these problems.

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Fastwin User Reviews

Fastwin has 5 Million actives users and majority of them has positive reviews about the game. Here we have listed some reviews by our users, you can read them before downloading fastwin apk.

Avinash Shrivastva

Fastwin is proved to be the best source of passive income for me. I managed to earn at least Rs 2000 daily  with no efforts and in just 1 minute. I am winning since 1 year and never lost my money.

Abhishek Gautam

I have used many other apps like Fastwin but the way Fastwin provides gaming opportunities to users, no game has done it so far. Withdrawal process in fastwin is really quick and I daily withdraw my winning money in my bank account.

Jiya Chauhan

I am Fastwin registered user since 2 years and beside playing games, I earn lot of money by sharing this app with my friend and relatives. I have shared the app with 110 people and i earn 10k commission.

What is Fastwin ?

Fastwin APP

Fastwin is Indian based online gaming app or web application where users need to register themselves using their mobile numbers, deposit money and bet on games to earn real money. Let us inform you that money which is won in games can easily be transferred to your bank account. When you join Fastwin for the first time you get Joining Bonus of Rs 200 so that you can learn to play games and when you are all set to win money, you can play top up your wallet and play games regular to earn money.

Fastwin is very simple investing application in which anyone can earn money by applying simple skills and tips and tricks. Currently 5 Million people across world have registered themselves and around 2 Million are actively playing games and earning passive income. Fastwin rank in 100 Finance website as per Similar web data.

How to Sign Up on Fastwin ?

If your quest involves discovering an application that enables you to earn money through game play, then the Fastwin app emerges as a premier choice. Facilitating a simple and efficient registration process, this app offers a seamless path to entry. Follow the outlined steps below to swiftly register within the Fastwin APK environment:

Step 1. Initiate the process by clicking the Register Button.

Step 2. Proceed to input your mobile number.

Step 3. Validate your mobile number by clicking the OTP button.

Step 4. Enter the received One Time Password (OTP) from your phone.

Step 5. Input the OTP and validate it by clicking the corresponding button.

Step 6. With successful OTP validation, your mobile number undergoes verification.

Step 7. Finally, create a robust password of your choice and press the Register Button to complete the process.

How to Login Fastwin Account ?

Upon successful registration, accessing your FastWin Account is necessary for engaging in game play, initiating withdrawals and deposits, as well as referring the app to friends. A direct login link for the Fastwin App is provided for your convenience.

Follow these uncomplicated steps to log in:

1. Click on the provided Login link above.

2. Input your Mobile Number and Password.

3. Proceed by clicking the Login Button.

4. Congratulations, you are now successfully logged into your account.

How to Reset Fastwin Password ?

In the event that you’ve forgotten your Fastwin App password, you can efficiently reset it within a matter of minutes. Here’s the step-by-step procedure to regain access:

1. Head to the Login Page and locate the “Forgot Password” Button.

2. Provide your registered Mobile Number.

3. Click on the “Get OTP” Button.

4. Input the received OTP.

5. Set a new password of your choice.

6. Conclude the process by clicking the “Submit” Button, and your password will be successfully updated.

How to Add Money in Fastwin Wallet ?

FastWin games need to have money in your wallet so that you can bet on games result and earn money. You can use your welcome bonus for playing games initially and later when you learn to play games, you can top up your account easily. Here is the detailed process to add money in your Fastwin Account.

Step 1) Login Your Fastwin account.

Step 2) Now one the Home page of the app, Click on the Recharge Button.

FastWin Download

Step 3) Enter the amount you want to deposit.

FastWin App

Step 4) After filling the desired amount, Select Recharge Option.

FastWin Prediction

Step 5) Now Select the Payment options which is best for you.

Step 6) Now Open that Payment method and Complete the payment.

Step 7) Now take the screen shot of the successful payment and upload it.

Step 8) Wait for 1 minute to get approval from Fastwin team.

Note: If your payment is taking longer time than usual then, Note down the Reference number of the payment and send it to Fastwin Support along with the Screen Shot of the Transaction. 

How to Withdraw Money from Fastwin?

Now it is the most important thing to know the valid and real process to get money from Fastwin account to your bank account without any problem. Many people face problem in withdrawing money, to avoid such complications just blindly follow below mentioned steps.

Step 1) On the home page of the app, Click on Withdraw Option

FastWin APK

Step 2) Now Enter the Amount of money you want to withdraw

Fastwin App Download

Step 3) Please Add your Bank Details like – Account Number, IFSC Code and Name of Bank. You can also add your UPI Id if you do not have Bank Account

Step 4) After filling the amount click on the Withdraw Button

FastWin App Telegram

Step 5) For security reasons you have to verify withdrawal by entering One Time Password received on your registered mobile number.

Step 6) After Entering the OPT click on Withdraw button

Step 7) Now wait for 30 Minutes to reflect the amount in Your Bank Account

Note : If your payment is failing again and again or your payment status is shown as Successful but you have not received the money in your account then we have suggested the solution later on this page.

Fastwin Hack Mod Apk

Fastwin has 7 games which require little bit skills and more based on luck factor and guess work. You can say that Fastwin is more of game of chane than game of skills in which if your luck favours you, then only you can earn regularly. To increase the chances of winning in Fastwin games many people believe that they can acquired some tips and tricks to play games.

These tips and tricks may or may not work in practical life. So instead of searching for such tips you can play the games on observation and analyzing the result pattern. You can guess the right color or number only when you have good observation power.

Many users also search for Fastwin Hack Mod Apk where they can manipulate the game results as per their choice. Mod APK refers to Modified version of Fastwin APK file which is designed in such manner so that results appears in favour of the developer. But this is not true at all as no such file exist. We advice you to not to believe on such applications as these makes people fool and made to steal their private data such as Id and Password.

Fastwin Free Bonus

Fastwin provides free bonus to the newly registered people. When someone joins the game with our affiliate link or invite code, he or she will be credited with Rs 100 in fastwin account. This bonus is provided by Fastwin as soon as you register with your mobile number. You should utilize this Fastwin Free Bonus to play games and to be perfect in anticipating the result pattern.

To get this free bonus, you should register on Fastwin with link given on this website. When you are signing up for Fastwin, you can enter the code 287072668 in invite code section and you will get Fastwin free bonus Rs 100.

How to Earn Money in Fastwin ?

After installing the FastWin App, questions often arise about strategies for earning through it. In this discussion, we will explore several approaches to making money with the FastWin App.

Method 1) Gaming Earnings: Since FastWin is primarily a gaming app, the first legitimate method involves playing games. There are seven games available, and you can place bets according to your budget. If you’re confident in your predictions, you can wager larger amounts. If you win, you can then withdraw the earnings.

Method 2) Referral Rewards: While the previous method involves some risk, this one offers a safer option. You can refer the app to your friends and encourage them to use your invite code: 287072668. When your friends recharge their FastWin accounts, you’ll receive Rs 150, and if they recharge for the third time, you’ll get Rs 100. Additionally, you’ll receive a commission every time your referrals play any game. To achieve a daily earning of Rs 2000, you’ll need to share the app with a growing number of users. This method generates income without bearing any risk.

Method 3) Task-Based Rewards: FastWin also offers rewards for completing various tasks. Users can earn money by accomplishing these tasks.

Method 4) Daily Check-In: This method involves obtaining money without any cost. By participating in the daily lucky draw, you’ll receive a certain amount of money credited to your account.

Fastwin Color Prediction

The FastWin App offers a collection of seven games, with four of them centered around color prediction. In these color prediction games, users aim to predict the correct color to secure victory. Although success in these games relies on luck and speculative efforts, users often strive to uncover methods that could lead to accurate color predictions.

If you’re among those seeking such techniques, it’s important to be aware that any individual claiming to possess a foolproof color prediction method is mistaken. Relying on such advice can potentially lead to significant losses. It’s advisable to steer clear of such claims and instead trust your own judgment when making color predictions.

For those aiming to improve their color prediction accuracy, one approach is to observe the game’s outcome patterns for around five minutes and identify the color that appears most frequently. This observation-based strategy can enhance your chances of achieving success in the FastWin App.

Fastwin Official Forecast Group 

As we have already mentioned that Fastwin App is based on forecasting colors or numbers also you can say based on guess work and luck factor. Anyone who plays games on Fastwin needs high level of accuracy and forecasting knowledge so that you can win the games and earn money with less or no risk. 

But it takes lots and lots of hard work to use all the available resources and observing them so that you can predict the right color or right number. So to remove all the headaches you can just join the Fastwin Official Forecast Group so that you avoid such complex process of forecasting process. In this group experts use their knowledge and experience to predict in parity and other games. If you want to join the group, you can join it by below button.

Fastwin Forecast Group

Here You can see the official group message in above screen shot, forecaster inform before so that you can manage funds in your Fastwin wallet and use it at the time of implementing the predictions made by expert. So if you want to make use of these kinds of predictions in Fastwin app, you must join the group.  

 Fastwin Customer Care

One of the prominent feature of Fastwin is it’s instant customer support in any kind of issue which may be related to Withdrawing Money, Deposit Money or Account blocked due to some reasons. You can contact Fastwin support team directly on Telegram Bot group where you will get solution of every problem.

Here is the link to Telegram Bot Customer Care, click here to chat with Fastwin support.

You can also fill the contact us form, where you will enter your issues, name and you email address and sent it to us. Fastwin customer care will surely help you within 24 hours of your respond.

Contact on TelegramClick Here
Fill Contact Us FormClick Here

Fastwin Lifafa

Fastwin Lifafa is the free money gifted by Fastwin everyday to it’s registered user. If you are registered on Fastwin app then you are eligible to claim daily free lifafa bonus. This Lifafa bonus is claimed using your mobile number. We have mentioned the necessary steps to claim Lifafa Bonus below.

Fastwin Lifafa

Step 1) Click on the Fastwin Lifafa Link

Step 2) Now Enter your mobile number

Step 3) Now click on Get

Step 4) Check your account balance, Lifafa Bonus will added into you account balance.

Note: These lifafa links are provided everyday and these got expire after 24 hours. Also these Free Lifafa claims are only Limited for first 6000 people. So we request you to kindly claim your free bonus in morning time before anybody else do that.

Fastwin Parity Hack

In Parity game, you have to predict the color from Red, Green or Blue. If your selected color comes out to be result of parity game play then you will be the winner of the game. Logically chances of your winnings are 30 percent but you can increase your chances of winning in Parity games much higher by increasing accuracy of your guess work.

Divide the nodes into winning sets based on the priority (parity value) of the nodes. Winning sets are sets of nodes for which a player has a winning strategy. These sets can be computed algorithmically. Starting from the lowest priority level, work your way up to the highest priority level, refining the winning sets at each step.

Try to figure out the pattern by observing the previous games result. If you are able to observe  a definite pattern in result then you can win the game easily. In games like parity where your luck is important factor, you can also bet on your skills.

Fastwin Recharge Problem Solution

As you need to top up your Fastwin Wallet to play games and bet on them and the process of depositing amount in your Fastwin account is known as Recharging. Recharging is very simple process where you just need to chose the payment method and add money in your account. Above we have discussed the process in detail, you can follow those steps.

But even after that you are getting some kind of serious issues then you can ponder upon below solutions and we are sure that this will definitely help.

1) If your recharge has not processed and the balance has deducted from your bank account than, you can note down the reference number of Payment and also take the screen shot of the payment page and upload it to the Fastwin team

2) Please select the valid payment method

3) Please try to use UPI ID for recharge as UPI has maximum chances of success.

Fastwin Account Blocked Problem Solution

Many users contact us by Contact Us form and have the same problem of account blockage. Fastwin account blocked problem is very rare and Fastwin only blocks user’s account when they try to malpractice or try for invalid login. Once account blocked has very less chances  of recovering in lifetime.

We request you to not to involves in any kind of activity which lead to fastwin account block as precaution is better than cure. Here are some of the activities which you can avoid so that you do not face account blockage problem.

1) Do not enter wrong password again and again, if you are getting wrong password error then simply reset your password

2) Do not login your account in more than one device

3) Do not try to hack the game, as it will detect any kind of malware and block your account

4) Refer Fastwin app to genuine friends using Fastwin Invite Code.

Fastwin Money Withdraw Problem Solution

Fastwin is investing platform where you do not need any skill. You only need to have money which you can bet on games and winning those games will gain you more money. But people may feel irritating when they are unable to get their money back from Fastwin account to Bank Account. We have came across that many people complaining about withdrawal problem so here is the solution to Fastwin money withdraw problem.

You may have encountered several errors while money withdrawal. We have listed some of them below:-

1) Frequent Payment failure

2) OTP not receiving on mobile phone

3) Payment not received in Bank Account

4) Bank Account error

Solutions for Payment Problem :

1) Do not try to withdraw money more than once in a day and try to withdraw it between 10 AM – 11AM when server is not busy and withdrawals are faster.

2) Enter the correct OTP, otherwise your Fastwin account may be blocked.

3) Enter the correct bank details so that money transfer do not fail.

4) If payment status is shown successful in Fastwin Account and Money has not received in your bank account then you can take the screen shot of the payment and send it to the Fastwin customer care

Fastwin Real or Fake

Fastwin is 100 percent real app of making money. Many people thought that Fastwin is fake and you cannot make money from Fastwin. So here we have provided earning proof of Fastwin where you can see the daily successful withdrawals.

We have hide the Personal details of the Customer as privacy. You can see the withdrawal amount and amount received in bank accounts. Fastwin Charges 3 percent fee for every withdrawal you place.


Fastwin is 100 percent real and authentic source of money and you can trust it. We do not entice or coax you to join Fastwin game and this page is designed to make register process more simple and easy. This Game is game of chance rather than game of skills so you can even lost your money if not played consciously. This game can be proved best as a passive income source.

Fastwin App : FAQs

Q1. Is Fastwin App real or Fake ?

Fastwin app is 100 percent real and trusted source of making money by playing games. 

Q.2 What is Fastwin App?

Fastwin app is online investing website which let people to play games and earn money

Q.3 What is Fastwin Contact Phone Number ?

You can contact Fastwin Customer Care by Telegram Group but these is no such Phone number provided by Fastwin.

Q.4 How Many Games are present in Fastwin ?

There are total 7 games available in Fastwin App

Q.5 What is Fastwin Referral Link ?

To register in Fastwin app click on this link – Join Now

Q.6 Is Fastwin Legal in India ?

Fastwin is legal in India. It follows all the norms set by Govt of India

Q.7 What is Fastwin Withdrawal Fees ?

Fastwin charges 3 percent as transaction fee on withdrawal amount.

Q.8 What is Fastwin Invite Code ?

While joining Fastwin app, enter code 29147462491 in code section and get Rs 100 Joining Bonus.

Q.9 Is Fastwin Safe ?

Fastwin is safe and secure medium of earning money by playing games.