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Head/Tail (Coin Flip) – Fastwin New Game | Win Rs 10000

Head & Tail : Fastwin app has launched a new game which is coin flip game, in which users need to guess Head or Tail when coin flips. Users gets doubled the amount of which they bet. In this article we will discuss how you can play Head and Tail game so that you can win easily. One of the most important feature of head and tail game is that there are 50 percent chances of Winning money so in less risk you can win more.

What is Head/ Tail or Coin Flip ?

Head and Tail is the newly added game in Fastwin app which provides easy and comfort win for the players. In this game, a coin is flipped after every 30 s of time interval and within this time frame you have to chose Head or Tail. You can place bet on Head/Tail as per your choice and when the coin flips it shows your selected Head or Tail then you get double the amount you bet on it.

Here is the demo video to show you how Coin Flip actually works and how you can play this game in fastwin app.

How to Play Coin Flip Game ?

Coin Flip is the actually new game where you need to learn little bit before placing bets on it. Above is the video, you can see and learn to play coin flip game. Here are the steps to place bet in coin flip or head and tail game.

Step 1) Login to your Fastwin Account

Step 2) Now click on Head & Tail Game Icon

Step 3) Now Select the amount you want to bet in game

Step 4) Select head or tail as your bet

Step 5) Now wait for the result, if you win the game you will get double the amount you place a bet otherwise better luck next time.

In this game if there are high chances of winning the game then it may also has equal risk of losing money. So you need to act smartly rather then guessing head or tail blindly. You can follow some really working and practical tips given below.

Head & Tail Winning Tricks

When we talk about Head and Tail winning trick then there is no such winning trick we can provide it to you as winning in this game majorly depends upon your luck factor. But you guess the result by analyzing the previous game results. Users have the facility to see previous records to guess next instead of blindly guessing Head or Tail. Let us explain you this trick with live example.

Above is the Screen Shot of the Coin Flip game play. You can see if Head Comes it repeats in next move similarly for Tails, so you can wait and place bet on same result in next move. This trick can be proved right if followed with extra care.


Coin flip is game of luck and not of game of skills so risk and reward are both equal. So concluding to this article we will say avoid such games if you have less money as it may result in losing your wealth. If you are playing it then act smartly, follow the trick which we have discussed in this also play responsibly.