Fastwin App

Fastwin App

Similar Apps Like Fastwin

Fastwin is the not only app where users play games and earn money. There are other multiple gaming apps too which gives users a fair chance to win money. In this article we will discuss all the similar functioning app which resembles Fastwin and some are far better than Fastwin. You can also see detailed comparisons between Fastwin and other apps. You can visit regularly to get all the updates regarding fastwin and other such apps.

15 Apps Similar to Fastwin

Here is the list of all the apps present on internet which have all the facilities like Fastwin. You can sign up in these apps in same way as Fastwin.

  1. Fiewin
  2. Daman Games
  3. Mantri Mall
  4. Acewin
  5. Crash100
  6. Bharat Club
  7. 55Club
  8. Yoswin
  9. Victory Time
  10. LIC Games
  11. Tiranga Games
  12. Battery
  13. Winbuzz
  14. Truewin
  15. Yolo 247

Fastwin Vs Other Apps

If we compare all other apps to Fastwin shortly then we can say that Fastwin lacks some features and need to upgrade them in order to drive more users and provide better gaming experience to users. First thing that Fastwin needs to change is it’s money deposit method. Users find it very difficult to deposit money. First they need to enter the amount and then they have to copy the UPI ID and later on uploading the payment proof. Instead of this hectic method, fastwin can opt for simple deposit using payment gateway where users can easily deposit money and play games.

Second shortcoming that Fastwin need to overcome is it’s money withdrawal process. Most of the time when you place a withdrawal request it will shown as processing and money did not get credited to users account. So if users are unable to get their winnings then there is no point of playing games on fastwin. Another field in which fastwin lacks to other apps is it’s slow going interface. Fastwin app and web version is really very slow and responds very late when any one is using it.


All the apps which provides facility of online gaming needs to build trust in users. Then only these apps can flourish and expand further. If any app fails to grab users faith then it will die one or other day. Upgradation to new features and overcoming shortcomings can solve the issue. Also let the users feel that they can win money as at the end of everything, every user play games to win and not to lose.