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Fastwin Money Withdrawal Problem Solution

Fastwin Money Withdrawal Problem : Fastwin is online gaming where you play games and if you win these games you will win the money and that money you can easily credit in your account but sometimes you may face the problem of money failure and payment status is shown as successful but money has not credited in your account. But you need to to panic in this situation you have to work smartly and you can easily get your money in your bank account and for that you need to follow guidelines mentioned in this article exactly same as mentioned.

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First you need to understand the proper and appropriate method of withdrawing money from fastwin app. If you use genuine and real method then we assure you, you will never face any problem related to money withdrawal.

How to Withdraw Money from Fastwin App ?

Money withdrawal step is very much crucial if Fastwin because it is the ultimate thing you want to take from fastwin. So we request you to please be careful while executing this step. Here is the complete guide how you can withdraw your money from fastwin app.

Step 1) Login to your Fastwin Account

Step 2) Now Click on withdraw Button

Step 3) Now Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw

Step 4) Click on OTP Button to verify your payment.

Step 5) After Entering the OTP, wait for 30 minutes and money will be credited into your account.

Note: Most of the payment failures are due to wrong bank details filled by you, so we ask you to carefully fill up your bank account details.

Money Withdrawal Problem Solution

Even after following above steps if you are still getting frequent payment failures then we have solution for this problem also. Here are some practical and easy methods you can follow to avoid frequent payment failures.

  1. While filling up the bank account number or UPI please try to provide the right details as sometimes when your details are wrong or you have already using that bank account with other Fastwin account
  2. Fastwin verify each withdrawal with One Time Password you got on your mobile phone. Enter that OTP correctly .
  3. If you have entered correct bank details and OTP then also you have not received payment in your bank account then you can just contact Fastwin team for that by filling contact us form.

Fastwin Complaint 

One of the most effective method to deal with problem of money failure is to register a complaint in Fastwin . Here are steps to register a complaint in Fastwin

1) First login to your Fastwin Account

2) Now click on My Button from bottom menu

3) Now click on the Complaint button

Fstwin Withdraw Money

4) You need to select the issue which you are facing

5) Now briefly explain the problem

6) Submit the complaint and wait for resolution


Money withdrawal failure is very common issue that you might face in Fastwin but you need not to panic if you are facing same problem. You need to act smartly and register a complaint so that fastwin team can solve the problem. We got lots and lots of complaints and we tried to solve them. You can avoid these problems by following the guidelines mentioned in this article.

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